The Embassy Reconstructed

"How could the concept of the Embassy be formulated from a visionary, future perspective? Can diplomacy be interpreted and presented in sonic form? How is the act of conflict management interpreted through the arts? What are the sonic characteristics of “the Embassy”?



The Embassy Reconstructed is an arts-based exploration of “the Embassy” as a phenomenon, initiated by Swedish artist Åsa Stjerna. Taking the contemporary arts’ expanded notion of space as its point of departure, six artists, whose artistic practices approach and address sound and spatiality from a vast range of perspectives, explore how sound as an artistic medium in its broadest form gives shape to, and interprets, an international, political space where highly current societal events are in constant negotiation.


The Embassy Reconstructed derives from a genuine curiosity to explore the intense diversity and currency of the heterogeneous space “the Embassy” and to address aspects such as diplomacy, the acts of serving and representing, and, in turn, how these are linked to foreign policy and power relations in terms of the dichotomies: national/international, superior/subordinate, territoriality /de-territoriality.


Sound as an artistic medium, with its unique capacity to give expression to time, space and materiality, generates other possible ways of interpreting and enacting space so as to create a better understanding of a complex spatial entity such as “the Embassy” and enhance the experience of this phenomenon. During the course of the autumn 2012 the participating artists developed their individual perspectives on “the Embassy” where site visits to the Nordic Embassies in Berlin formed the core of the project activities, the aim of which was to create an exchange between artists and embassy staff as a part of the artistic process.


The final realisation of The Embassy Reconstructed includes both an opening with new live performed compositions, together with several spatially exploratory sound artworks situated in spaces and locations in and around Felleshus, and finally a moderated discussion, where the Nordic Embassies in Berlin will have the opportunity to project their own fields of activities.