The Embassy Reconstructed

Juliana Hodkinson | Two new works

(Danish Embassy and outside the canteen, Felleshus)



Prompt, immediate, now / very restrained and cautious

Live piece for clarinet, percussion, viola, cello and audio samples

commissioned by Swedish EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfond) for performance by Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Berlin.


Defending territory in a networked world

8-channel sound installation, installed on the 3rd floor of the atrium in Felleshuset, commissioned by Embassy Reconstructed with the support of the Swedish Embassy



Both works explore the sound of voices of diplomacy and foreign policy in action - the tenor, vocabulary, expression and texture of voices in authority - using audio from historical and contemporary recordings in the public domain, some of them with iconic documentary status. Additional audio material comes from accompanying media footage on related themes.


Both live and installation works arise from a long-standing interest in the relations between music and territoriality, as idiosyncratically woven together in Deleuze and Guattari’s chapter 1837: de la ritournelle in A Thousand Plateaux: Capitalism and Schizophrenia 2. The embassy context provides an opportunity to highlight the international political aspects of this interest in the sounds of territorialisation.


In the live piece - Prompt, immediate, now / very restrained and cautious -

speaking voices are interpolated by instrumental music, exploring various relationships to the words and timbres of the voices and audio material. Aspects of noise and music from these heterogeneous sound sources approach and intersect one another without actually melding.


In the installation piece, Defending territory in a networked world,

the premises for conducting diplomacy in the modern world of communications, as contrasted with earlier propaganda broadcasts, are the model for a multi-channel listening situation.



Juliana Hodkinson has created instrumental music, electroacoustic orchestral works, installations, semi-staged object pieces, electronic performances, and soundtracks for fashion videos, using field recordings, instruments, samples, voice, text and foley. Her work is often concentrated on what happens when sounds from extremely different sources are brought together within an aesthetic framework – how the materiality of classical instruments, field recordings, and sonic icons play out against each other, and what valid experience might result from such encounters.


In 2012 she made new works commissioned by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Interfilm Festival. Her repeated collaborations with Kammerensemble Neue Musik include solo and ensemble works, the prize-winning youth outreach production 'Rückspiegel', and 'Versprengung', a video concert in collaboration with visual artist Ulrich Polster. In 2013, she is curating Spor Festival in Denmark.