The Embassy Reconstructed

Åsa Stjerna | Degrees of Noise

(outside Felleshus)


With a particular interest in exploring the materiality of sound, and the relation between the capacity of “concrete” and “abstract” sound to carry forms of information, in her “Degrees of Noise”, Åsa Stjerna uses recordings from infected diplomatic negotiations that have taken place during the last few years; these are broken down into sorts and intensities of noise. On site, outside the Nordic Embassies, and neighbouring to the Syrian Embassy, the work, stripped of all semantic gestures, takes the shape of light breeze that blows up to then subside time after time, "activating" the space.



Åsa Stjerna is an artist whose artistic practice focuses on sound and listening as an artistic medium in the exploration and performance of public space and its conditions. During the last few years Stjerna has pursued several site-specific projects where the aim of the artistic negotiations with the site in question has been to generate varied modes of “perceiving, experiencing and acting site/space”. Since 2010 Åsa Stjerna has also been studying for a creative arts degree (PhD) at the University of Gothenburg; the issues mentioned above act as the point of departure for this research.