The Embassy Reconstructed

Susanne Skog | Communicating Vessels

(the Lounge, Felleshus)


Susanne Skog presents two semi-transparent glass vessel that transmit sound to each other. The piece relates to territorial aspects of The Embassy (conceptual stability/physical fragility), the degree of transparency and selective/encrypted communication. The Swedish Legation in Berlin was founded in 1912 at the same place where the Nordic Embassies are located today. On November 22nd 1943 the Swedish Embassy was destroyed during the bombing of the Tiergarten. The sounds being transmitted between the cylinders are made up of recordings from Stockholm and Berlin on November 22nd 2012.



Susanne Skog creates and produces pieces and sound art for radio, concerts and other listening situations. Her compositions are made up exclusively of her own recordings from different parts of the world. As a radio producer, she works mainly for the Swedish public service radio. She is also a writer and member of the editorial board for Nutida Musik (Contemporary Music) and Divan (magazine for culture and psychoanalysis). She is Chairperson for the Society of Experimental Music and Intermedia Art - Fylkingen, and for the international music festival Sound of Stockholm